3D Flying Icons Screensaver

3D Flying Icons Screensaver

Animates the icons on the desktop
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Converts the icons on your desktop into 3D items that move and rotate around whenever your computer has been idle for a specified amount of time.

The 3D Flying Icons Screensaver sets your screen icons in motion.
This unique screensaver will set all your icons located on the screen in motion.
You will be able to watch as the icons randomly start moving around the screen in different patterns.
They will be converted in 3D objects that can be sent moving in a straight direction or make them go straight and then turn.

You can make the icons twirl and rotate, leave a smoke trail behind them as they move, and even convert them to different shapes.

This screensaver will be completely different from what you have seen before.
It will allow you to cover the screen almost entirely, or just have a couple of objects flying around.
It will depend on how many icons you have on your desktop at the same time. But even with a cluttered screen, the effect of the icons moving will keep you watching for hours, waiting for the next movement.

The 3D Flying Icons Screensaver will surely attract the attention of your family members or your coworkers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Different
  • Original


  • Can be boring after a while
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